Rules for Parents

Rules for Parents
1. Pleaseensurethatyourchild(ren)gotothewashroombeforecommencementof class. Unfortunately, the bathroom is located on the lower floor and I am unable to leave the classroom unattended to accompany children 10 or under to the washroom. If a child is 10 years or under and needs to attend the washroom, I will need to contact you to come and escort your child.
Safety being a priority, a parent/guardian/designate person must arrive to the classroom to pick up the child at the end of class. Once again, I cannot allow a child to leave the class unattended. 2. Class is from 1:00 - 2:30 unless otherwise stated. Some projects do take more or
less time and at the time of bringing in your child, I will be able to advise you if the
class will go until 3pm. Also, Your child cannot leave until his table is cleaned off. 3. Please,pickyourchildupattheendofclassatthedesignatedtimeinthe
classroom. In failing to do this, compromises the agreement with the Co-op. I also have commitments after the class, which also gets compromised. I understand that there may be some exceptions in being late; therefore I need to be notified immediately.
4. During class, I can be reached at...(587-433-4678) cell - home (403-668-4118) 3. Ifachild’sbehaviorisdisruptivetotheclasswhereasitcreatesanunsafe
atmosphere or requires all my attention to be only with this child, I will be contacting you to discuss the behavior. If the behavior continues on any other class day, I will contact you to come immediately to the class. You will be required to continue to attend the classes with your child until the matter is underhand.
4. Intheeventthatyourchildisill,pleaseremainathome,itisbestforeveryone 5. ItisveryimportantthatIalwayshaveupdatedphonenumbersand/orcontact
numbers for any emergencies 6. When volunteering, younger siblings not enrolled in the class may not attend,
unless we have A class where younger siblings have been invited to attend 7. PleaserefertothewebsiteArtisticallyARTiculate.blogspot.comtoseepostedart,
homework assignments, and a suggestion of the upcoming program. Also posted are things the child may need to bring to class. Please sign the release agreement which allows your child to be on the website.
8. Co-ophasaformthatalsoneedstobesigned,Iwillhavethemupstairsforsigning. 9. FOIPisAlbertaandwecannotescapeitsoyouwillneedtorefertoitspublicprivacy
act as well. However, I will not give out phone numbers and names of students, you must provide this information (Sometimes the paper covers the activities, please sign the form to allow access to your info)
10.I take a vacation twice in the year and therefore, holidays may not follow the school act and may be set by both you as parents and myself to what suits all of our schedules best.
Failing to pick up your child at the end of class may result in: A late charge of $20 per 15 minutes which needs to be paid before the next class. Last resort cases termination of art classes with no refund may result