Monday, October 27, 2014

October Artist of the Month and a silhouette project

We will create silhouettes using a halloween theme but if students prefer they may simply use anything like a house or animal.  Students will cut out their silhouette as in the short film we will be watching,  The artist of the month is Jan Pienkowski.  We will look at his silhouette animations and illustrations for picture books and then create our own by painting a background in variegated colours and cutting out a silhouette to paste on.

A Name Game

Creating our own artwork wooden tiled letters similar to the Scrabble game (Miss Tami's favourite game) We will set up a scrabble game and put our names on it; we will try to get 350 points. That will be a challenge.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Where's Miss Tami

Students are creating themselves into Waldo's and Tami is recreating herself with her fancy new art apron, We will put these up on the board and the challenge to find me will be interesting.
Use these templates to print out your own to waldo to add to the scene.
They are approximately 7 - 8 inches tall