Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finishing project Day painting hat logos, ancient jars, laurel burch cats

Please have a parent help you as you finish up your projects the first week of March.  You may paint your jars and your caps.  Char will hand out materials in class A, In class B I hope someone willl step up to guide the classroom and in Class C the girls can continue on what they are painting (selfportratis or landscapes)


Yes today is the day! Parents are welcome and much needed for todays batik project. Using paraffin wax (timely supplied by Char - Lydia and Elijah's mom) with colourful wax crayons.  I went out and bought two grills and use little metal muffin tins to melt the waxes. The participants painted designs onto 100% cotton rag from images that I supplied, (mostly fish and butterflies) They crumbled the cloth up and put it in the permanent dye, here they are before the wax is removed.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paper Mache Ancient Jars

Get ready to get gooey, please bring paint shirts and a large bowl, newspapers too.  We are creating the bodies for our ancient jars (easter eggs if you prefer) classes 21st