Monday, October 15, 2012

Colour theory and making stamps

Oct 15/16
 What can we possibly learn that we don't already know?... like what colours make brown?  What means; to neutralize a colour?
Thats too easy but we'll review that one too.
Well, How about - what colours are the primaries called in the 15th century?
What colours make black and other educational advice to help us along with our year. But lets learn some mind boggling knowledge not even mom and dad will know!
Ok see you all this week for the long and gruelling colour theory lessons.  Bring a smiley face, yes a bright and cheery smiley face. (preferably not yellow, if yellow please refer to the parents rules... )Then we'll make some prints using the various colour combinations we will be reviewing, like complimentary colours and primary.  Bring if you like a rolling pin, materials that have a pattern (corrugated cardboard), with holes, these will be the background textures, what is texture?

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